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Just read through the script for Vol.2

This is going to be really fun to draw.

ALOT to draw.
This year.

THIS is the year.

Vol.2 will be made.

Release date, also hopefully this year (end of, but earlier if possible)

Will be table mates with Robaato

In the area? Stop by and kick it!


theCHAMBA will be attending the 2nd annual MEFCC next weekend at the Dubai International Marine Club.
For those RandomVeus 'followers living around that area that are attending that DON"T have a copy of RandomVeus Vol.1 yet and want a copy (signed with a bonus illustration of course)
Leave a message here along with your name and I will bring a copy for you!

Of course apart from copies of RandomVeus vol.1, I will also be doing Bust and Waist up commissions (all on 8.5 x 11) during the show.
Prices after currency conversion still need to be worked out.

For inquiries on those along with books, drop me a line here and we'll see what we can work out.

Regardless, see you all there (who will attend) next weekend!
A big thank you to all who participated in the contest!

We're still going to work out how we will announce the winners, but you will know within the next fortnight if anything.

Things to note: there will now actually be more winners than previously stated.
Due to the overwhelming submissions, it's just something we had to do.

but again, thank you to EVERYBODY who submitted!

Your participation will only make RandomVeus vol.2 that much more fun to create (and hopefully to read too!)